The EBS Bridge Program™
Your Alternative to Gap Insurance!

The EBS Bridge Program™ enables employers to continue providing valuable benefits to their employees in a cost-effective way.

What is The EBS Bridge Program™?

The Employee Benefit Services, Inc. (“EBS”) Bridge Program™ is a superior alternative to gap insurance. Our unique approach has enabled our clients to save significant dollars while continuing to provide valuable benefits to their employees.

Like gap insurance, the employer saves premium dollars by raising the deductible and possibly the out of pocket on the primary group health insurance policy (“PGHP”). Some of that savings is used to pay for The EBS Bridge™, which will replace some (or all) of the benefits lost by raising the deductible. Assuming the cost of The EBS Bridge™ is less than the premium dollars saved by raising the deductible on the group health policy, the employer will realize some front-end savings.

Three major benefits of The EBS Bridge Program™:

No internal policy limits or exclusions with The EBS Bridge Program™

If a medical service is covered under the primary group health policy (PGHP) and applies to the PGHP deductible or out of pocket, then the service is covered under The EBS Bridge™.

The EBS Bridge Program™ honors the assignment of benefits and pays the medical provider

The covered employee will not have to pay the provider first and then file the claim and wait for reimbursement. The covered employee will be responsible for The EBS Bridge™ deductible and out of pocket.

The EBS Bridge Program™ enables the employer to accumulate money

Most of The EBS Bridge™ cost is set aside in an escrow account for that employer. The EBS Bridge™ claims for that employer are paid out of their escrow account. Over time, the balance in the escrow account grows because The EBS Bridge™ claims are typically less than the amount of claim funding. Funds in the escrow account belong to the employer, not an insurance company.


Let's Work Together

EBS is seeking to develop partnerships with successful insurance agents who are in the group health/employee benefits business on a full-time basis, and plan on continuing in that business for the foreseeable future.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss the possibility of working together.


The EBS Bridge Program™ is available to employers that have 30 or more employees and provide medical benefits to their employees through a group health insurance policy.

I have had the opportunity to work with John Slater for many years and with EBS since its inception. It has been a very positive experience from day one.

The EBS Bridge Program™ has worked extremely well for us. Our costs have gone down and the transition was seamless. EBS is highly responsive, proactive and communicates exactly what to expect. Knowing that EBS will take the initiative to bring us what best benefits us and our employees makes them an integral part of our success.

Stephen B. Russell – AICP,, Executive Director
North Central Planning & Development District
The EBS Bridge Program™ is an integral part of our ability to provide quality benefits to the employees of Kosciusko.

Their vast knowledge of the industry coupled with their ability to implement a plan custom-made for our needs is second to none.

James W. Cockroft,
Mayor, City of Kosciusko