Claim filing instructions are shown on the plan participant’s I.D. card.

Contact us at (601) 353 – 0002 with any other questions.

EBS mailing address is:

P.O. Box 13749
Jackson, MS 39236-3749

For Bridge Claims, both the claim and the primary health plan EOB is required.

To obtain Rx reimbursement, send the documentation that you received from your pharmacy to us at:
P.O. Box 13749
Jackson, MS 39236-3749
Or, you can fax it to us at: (601) 353-0004

** Note that not all plans have a pharmacy benefit. You should first determine whether or not your plan has an Rx benefit**

No, your plan I.D. card does NOT have an expiration date.
If you do not have your EBS plan I.D. card with you at the time of service, ask the provider to call EBS at (601) 353-0002. We will verify your coverage and answer any questions that your provider may have.
For providers, you can confirm eligibility, obtain benefits information, and access claim status (view EOBs).

For plan participants, you can view and print benefits information, and claims history (EOBs).

EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits. An EOB is a statement provided by the benefit plan that explains how medical services were covered by the plan. Typically, the EOB will list the provider, date of service, amount charged, amount covered by the plan, amount applied to deductible, etc., and amount paid by the plan.
A bridge plan is an employer sponsored benefit plan that pays secondary to a primary group health plan (PGHP). Typically, the PGHP has a high deductible and out of pocket (example, $5,000 deductible, $6,600 total out of pocket). Once the bridge plan pays, the plan participant realizes a lower deductible and out of pocket (example, participant realizes a $500 deductible and $2,000 total out of pocket).
You must access the web-site for that provider network.
Some links to provider websites are listed on the Find A Provider page.
Or, you can call your provider and ask whether or not they are in your network.
To change your name and/or address, contact your Human Resource Department and complete a Change Form. Your HR Department will notify EBS of the change.
For providers
Make sure you have registered using the Tax I.D. number shown on the claim. You can only view claims that are associated with the Tax I.D. number associated with your user I.D.
You can call EBS customer service at (601)-353-0002.

For plan participants
It may be that the claim has not been received and/or processed by EBS. You can check back in a few days, or you can call the provider and confirm the date that they filed the claim with EBS. Or, you can call EBS customer service at (601) 353-0002.